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The Urgency of Now – Public Private Partnerships

2017 Silicon Valley Leadership Group Education Summit Defining the Future of the STEM Pipeline SAN JOSE, CA – Silicon Valley has the highest worker productivity with the greatest percentage of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) oriented workers in the workforce according the 2017 Silicon Valley Competitiveness and Innovation Project (SVCIP). According to the same .. read more

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Silicon Valley Leadership Group Commended with Resolutions

The 40th Anniversary Gala presented a wonderful opportunity for the Leadership Group to highlight successful and strong partnerships with elected officials. Over the years, the Leadership Group has worked with several elected officials to accomplish critical goals and ensure the best for the Silicon Valley. Here are some highlights of resolutions presented to the Leadership .. read more

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Historic Groundbreaking for Caltrain Electrification

Millbrae, CA – After years of hardwork and dedication, Silicon Valley Leadership Group CEO and President Carl Guardino joined Governor Jerry Brown, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, Congresswoman Jackie Speier and a number of state and local elected officials, business leaders, transportation advocates and environmentalists at the Millbrae Caltrain Station to celebrate the official .. read more

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California Votes to Extend Landmark Cap and Trade

CAP AND TRADE LEGISLATION PASSES BOTH HOUSES – AB 398, a bill to extend cap and trade, passed both houses of the Legislature with a bi-partisan vote.  Two-thirds was needed for this legislation and the vote was 28-12 in the Senate and 55-21 in the Assembly.   It will now go to the Governor for his signature.  .. read more

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Testimony in Support of SB 595 (Beall)

TESTIMONY IN SUPPORT OF SB 595 (BEALL) – The Silicon Valley Leadership Group represents nearly 375 employers throughout the Bay Area, who collectively provide jobs to well over 500,000 Californians. As we found in our Annual “Silicon Valley Competitiveness Project” for each of the past three years, one of the three biggest challenges to the .. read more

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California Business Leaders Respond to Bill Advancing State’s Cap-and-Trade Program

SAN FRANCISCO — In response to today’s proposed language advancing California’s Cap-and-Trade program, key progressive business leaders released the following statements, and are available for comment/interviews on the issues. SILICON VALLEY LEADERSHIP GROUP Mike Mielke, Sr. Vice President, Energy and Environment **Represents more than 400 of Silicon Valley’s most respected employers, providing nearly one of every .. read more

San Jose Mayor Held in High Esteem, President Trump Less So and Gubernatorial Candidates Ranked and Weighed in Santa Clara County Poll

SAN JOSE, CA – These days it could be said that California is playing a piece de resistance or spoiler role against the current federal administration’s approach to ideals and mores Californians hold dear. It also has many looking to the future as to who will be the next standard bearer as the state’s Governor. .. read more

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More than Half Willing to Volunteer as a Tutor for Reading, Science and Math

SAN JOSE, CA – More than half of Santa Clara County voters are choosing to be engaged rather than enraged. The Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s annual “Silicon Valley Poll” found that 56 percent of voters would be willing to volunteer an hour a week for 15 weeks to help tutor a K-8 student in reading, .. read more

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78% of Voters in Santa Clara County: Like Commuter Shuttle Buses and Almost Equal Number Say They Want More of the Same

SAN JOSE, CA – As traffic congestion stalls the most stalwart commuters on two of the Bay Area’s most congested corridors, Highways 280 and 101, potential voters say they’re willing to share the road and designated transportation facilities to ease traffic. 78 percent of 600 likely voters in Santa Clara County said they believe privately-operated .. read more

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Santa Clara County Voters Support Affordable Homes for Workforce on Publicly Owned Excess Vacant Land

SAN JOSE, CA – It’s no secret the skyrocketing home and rental prices in Silicon Valley have made living-where-you-work almost impossible in the area. The strain has been more starkly felt with our local workforce, often being displaced from their community or having to endure long commutes to work in other cities. However, one creative .. read more

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