About Us

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group is a public policy business trade organization. The Leadership Group was founded in 1978 by David Packard of Hewlett-Packard and represents more than 390 of Silicon Valley’s most respected employers on issues, programs and campaigns that affect the economic health and quality of life in Silicon Valley, including energy, transportation, education, housing, health care, tax policies, economic vitality and the environment. Leadership Group members collectively provide nearly one of every three private sector jobs in Silicon Valley and contribute more than $3 trillion to the worldwide economy.

Silicon Valley Leadership Group 2015 – 2017 Work Plan


  1. Regional Workforce Development: Promote state and regional policies and partnerships that develop and promote a strong regional workforce.
  2. Industry/Higher Education Task Force: Help shape and support legislative efforts to increase the pipeline of employable graduates; convene biannually.
  3. Educare Capital Campaign: Conclude capital funding effort in advance of school opening in Aug. 2015.
  4. Education Summit: Produce annual education conference for industry leaders with 300 attendees, focus on industry hiring needs.
  5. Young Women’s and Young Men’s Leadership Summits: Produce one of each regional summit in low-income schools, reach 450+ students, contribute to STEM programs.


  1. Clean Energy: Promote financing and deployment of clean energy and emerging technologies and engage in efforts to advance AB 32, to the benefit of the tech sector.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Assist end users with improving energy efficiency and data center efficiency.
  3. Grid Modernization: Promote participation and facilitate integration of technologies that support a smarter, reliable grid and enable development of a new energy market structure.
  4. Energy RD&D: Advocate for state and federal investments in energy research, development and demonstration projects.
  5. Energy Agency Modernization and Reform: Identify and support long-term changes needed at California public agencies in charge of energy policy-making.
  6. Grid Reliability: Promote greater grid resiliency, safety and reliability for both gas and electric systems.


  1. Advance 21st Century Water Supply System: Advance necessary water reforms, practices, policies and tools and financing to ensure the region has the water it needs for a growing population.
  2. Support Corporate Environmental Sustainability: Advance corporate sustainability drivers and showcase solutions that protect the environment while growing new markets &/or reducing costs.
  3. Support Regional and State Climate Change Planning and Preparedness: Engage business community in state and regional climate change adaptation efforts.
  4. Promote Co-Equal Goals of Reliable Water Supply & Ecosystem Health: Support Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) process.
  5. Support Regional & State Climate Change Mitigation Efforts: Advance enabling environment that allows clean & efficient energy to scale.

Federal Issues

  1. 1a. US High-Skilled Immigration Reform: Support modern immigration system/highly-skilled talent.
  2. 1b. US Business Tax Reform & Permanent R&D Tax Credit: Lower business tax rate/territorial tax.
  3. Cybersecurity: Advocate and pass collaborative public-private partnership to protect national cyber infrastructure and enhances the innovation economy.
  4. STEM/Scientific Research Funding: Support technology innovation investments in scientific research agencies (eg. NIH, NSF and others).
  5. Support High-Growth Entrepreneurship: Improve the business and regulatory environment for startups.
  6. Patent Reform: Advocate for legislation that modernizes the patent system.

Government Relations

  1. Silicon Valley Roundtables and Outreach: Organize a dozen strategic roundtables on the federal, state and local levels to develop legislative relationships and further policy.
  2. Silicon Valley Caucus: Strengthen and expand the Silicon Valley Caucus with 100 executives and 13 legislators.
  3. Federal and State Advocacy Trips: Participation of 40 executives and public officials on the DC trips (Spring & Fall) and Sacramento trip.
  4. Fresh Ideas: Host new California state legislators for get-to-know-you sessions in Sacramento.
  5. Red Tape into Red Carpet (RT2RC): Innovative awards reception to honor local governments that achieve meaningful reforms and high quality job creation services.


  1. Prevention and Wellness: Continue to help employers start or improve wellness programs and offerings as a long term cost containment strategy.
  2. CA Health Exchange – Small Business Program: Advocate for reduced premiums, long term cost containment and more employer choice.
  3. CA Health Exchange – Web Based Brokers: Implementation of policy allowing web based brokers to enroll subsidy eligible Californians through private internet based marketplaces.
  4. Promote policies that encourage innovation: Pursue growth policies in health including biotech, genomics and IT.
  5. Promote Health in All Policies: Approach to improve community health including participation in Partnerships to Improve Community Health (PICH) CDC grant.

Housing & Land Use

  1. State Funding: Identify and support funding sources for affordable housing. Advance a “permanent source” bill.
  2. Regional Planning at Lawrence Station: Lead adoption of a plan with higher densities, aggressive mode shift goals and additional affordable housing.
  3. Public Agency Surplus Land: Lead campaign to change VTA’s real estate development policy to include affordable housing requirements.
  4. Homelessness: Establish homeless employment initiative to open up 250 jobs over three years at the Leadership Group member companies. Target 50 jobs in the first year.
  5. CEQA: Lay groundwork for legislation through ongoing public relations and education. Oversee completion of 6 regional CEQA tours.
  6. Project Advocacy: Endorse and advocate for 10 housing proposals.
  7. Outreach and Education: Educate key decision makers on housing issues by organizing one housing tour, four lunches for city officials and four dinners for neighborhood leaders.
  8. Housing Advocacy: Serve on executive committee to administer grant funds to decide whether to form a new housing advocacy organization in Silicon Valley.

Tax Policy

  1. US Business Tax Reform & Permanent R&D Tax Credit: Lower business tax rate/territorial tax.
  2. Permanent CA Sales and Use Tax Exemption on R&D/Mfg Equipment Purchases: Improve existing partial and temporary exemption.
  3. Improve CA Research and Development Tax Credit: Support solutions to expand R&D investment in California.
  4. Silicon Valley Property Tax Valuation Fairness: Partner with County Assessors to promote fair valuation tables, consistent & efficient audits.
  5. Franchise Tax Board – Intangible Software Tax Fairness: Support reasonable, simple and fair application of state business taxes on software & technology.
  6. Board of Equalization – Reasonable Audits: Develop reasonable valuations and audit manual guidance for business taxpayers.


  1. BART to Silicon Valley: Advocate for Phase II funding at the federal and state levels.
  2. 2016 Santa Clara County Transportation Measure: Build a coalition, define expenditure plan and conduct polling on a potential transportation measure.
  3. Caltrain: Work with Caltrain on short, mid and long term strategies to double ridership in 10 years to 120,000 daily riders. Co-lead the Caltrain Commuter Coalition with the Bay Area Council and SAMCEDA.
  4. Transit & Rail: Pursue efficient, effective and sustainable transit. Advocate for sustainable pricing policies.
  5. Vehicle Innovation: Encourage the adoption of advanced technology to green our vehicle fleet, enhance mobility & promote sustainable transportation.
  6. Active Transportation: Promote active transportation modes like biking and walking.
  7. Superbowl Transportation: Convene quarterly meetings with all 35 Regional Transportation Agencies to ensure a successful Transit Plan.
  8. Regional Traffic Relief: Assist San Francisco and Santa Cruz Counties with passing 2016 transportation measures.


  1. Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot: Secure 28,000 paid participants, supported by 2,500 volunteers, raising $1,000,000 for charity.
  2. 1,000 Hearts for 1,000 Minds: Reinitiate with SJ Mayor Sam Liccardo to recruit another 500 caring tutors for K-8 students in reading, math and science.
  3. Pasta Bowl Community Partnership w/49ers: Raise $200,000 for education programs for disadvantaged kids in needy schools.
  4. TiVo Santa Run Silicon Valley: Secure 5,000 race participants, raising $125,000 for charity.
  5. Lam Research Heart & Soles 5K Run or Walk: For Year 2 secure $180,000 funding for another 60 salad bars to bring our 2 Year total to 116.
  6. SV Talent Partnership: Encourage member companies to support the work of the Silicon Valley Talent Partnership, to provide short-term, pro bono technology assistance to public agencies.
  7. CCBI: Incubated through 2016, the California Climate Breakthrough Initiative will help educate the general public and engage key influencers regarding climate change impacts and solutions.