Mission and Vision

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group
Mission, Vision, and History


The Silicon Valley Leadership Group is organized to involve principal officers and senior managers of member companies in a cooperative effort with local, regional, state, and federal government officials to address major public policy issues affecting the economic health and quality of life in Silicon Valley.


It is the Leadership Group’s vision to ensure the economic health and a high quality of life in Silicon Valley for our entire community by advocating for adequate affordable housing, comprehensive regional transportation, reliable energy, a quality K-12 and higher education system and prepared workforce, a sustainable environment, and business and tax policies that keep California and Silicon Valley competitive.


In the summer of 1977, Hewlett-Packard’s David Packard asked 33 of his fellow CEOs to join him in creating a proactive voice for Silicon Valley businesses. The result was the formation of the “Santa Clara County Manufacturing Group”, which has successfully tackled some of the toughest quality of life challenges facing high-tech employers, their employees and their families throughout the region.
He founded the group on the premise that local employers should be actively involved in working with government to find innovative solutions to issues like transportation, housing, permit streamlining, education, and the environment.
In March 2005, the name was changed to Silicon Valley Leadership Group to better reflect the membership and leadership of the organization. Its more than 400 member companies are among Silicon Valley’s most respected employers. The members collectively provide nearly one of every three private sector jobs in Silicon Valley.
Membership is open to Silicon Valley firms and supporting industries including software, systems, manufacturing, financial services, accounting, transportation, health care, defense, communications, education and utilities.