Our Staff

Carl Guardino, President & CEO

Dennis Cima, Senior Vice President                                                                                408.501.7854

Shiloh Ballard, Senior Vice President, Housing & Community Development        408.501.7859

Phyllis Claassen, Vice President, Administration & Finance                                      408.501.7855

Kirk Everett, Senior Vice President, Government Relations & Tax Policy                408.501.7856

Steve Wright, Senior Vice President                                                                                   408.501.7853

Brian Brennan, Vice President for Investor Relations, State & Federal Coalitions      408.453.4752

Mike Mielke, Vice President,  Environmental Programs & Policy                             408.501.7858

Emily Lam, Vice President, Health Care & Federal Issues                                           408.501.7876

Tim McRae, Director, Energy                                                                                       408.501.7871

Bena Chang, Director, Housing & Transportation                                         408.501.7870

Casey Beyer, Senior Advisor to the President                                                                  408.501.7857

Aditi Goel, Director, Education Policy                                                                            408.501.7863

Grace Kay, Senior Associate, Federal & State Policy                                                               408.501.7881

Colin Buckner, Senior Creative Associate                                                                        408.501.7862

Francesca Wahl, Senior Associate, Energy & Environment                                                           408.501.7883

Nancy Sánchez, Communications Associate                                                                             408.501.7879

Zoe Mullendore Associate of Housing and Transportation                                            408.501.7852

Catharine Wallace, Associate Director for Events and Special Programs                     408.453.4753

Kathleen Cook, Executive Assistant to the CEO                                                          408.501.7878

Judith Miranda, Office Manager                                                                                      408.501.7864