Our Staff

Carl Guardino, President & CEO

Dennis Cima, Senior Vice President                                                                                408.501.7854

Shiloh Ballard, Senior Vice President, Housing & Community Development        408.501.7859

Phyllis Claassen, Vice President, Administration & Finance                                      408.501.7855

Kirk Everett, Senior Vice President, Government Relations & Tax Policy                408.501.7856

Steve Wright, Senior Vice President                                                                                   408.501.7853

Brian Brennan, Vice President for Investor Relations, State & Federal Coalitions      408.453.4752

Mike Mielke, Vice President,  Environmental Programs & Policy                             408.501.7858

Emily Lam, Vice President, Health Care & Federal Issues                                           408.501.7876

Tim McRae, Director, Energy                                                                                       408.501.7871

Bena Chang, Director, Housing & Transportation                                         408.501.7870

Casey Beyer, Senior Advisor to the President                                                                  408.501.7857

Grace Kay, Senior Associate, Federal & State Policy                                                               408.501.7881

Colin Buckner, Senior Creative Associate                                                                        408.501.7862

Francesca Wahl, Senior Associate, Energy & Environment                                                           408.501.7883

Nancy Sánchez, Communications Associate                                                                             408.501.7879

Zoe Mullendore Associate of Housing & Transportation                                            408.501.7852

Angela Gile, Associate for Strategic Coalitions & Investor Relations              408.501.7852

Catharine Ingram, Associate Director for Events & Special Programs                     408.453.4753

Kathleen Cook, Executive Assistant to the CEO                                                          408.501.7878

Judith Miranda, Office Manager                                                                                      408.501.7864