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Do Something. Even if it Turns Out to be a Mistake, At Least Try

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November 28  |  Federal Issues, Government Relations  |   Carl Guardino

A long-time friend is a respected member of Congress. He laments, with some level of irony, that Congress is the only place he’s ever worked where you’re actually rewarded for doing nothing.

It seems anathema to the risk-taking DNA of Silicon Valley.

Yet in Congress, if you do something, anything, you run the risk of upsetting someone . . . A constituent, your caucus, a donor, a journalist.

As odd as it sounds, we need to empower the seemingly powerful.

Our country stands at a fiscal cliff – a self-imposed gun that congress and the president placed to their own heads.  If they fail to act by January 1, their inaction could push our country back into recession.

This week we are leading a delegation of 41 Silicon Valley executives to D.C.,. Yes, global CEOs setting aside the companies’ business to tend to our nation’s business.  Why – to implore congress to act.

Act on the urgent – the fiscal cliff.  Yet also act on the important – economic policies to get 12 million Americans back to work, including thousands of our friends, family members and neighbors right here in Silicon Valley.

It’s time to move, Congress.  We didn’t elect mannequins to stand still, we elected women and men to stand strong for our future.  Move – I promise, we will follow.

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Applied Materials “Silicon Valley Turkey Trot”

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November 13  |  Uncategorized  |   Carl Guardino

Here’s food for thought . . . If you can dream it, you can do it.

Eight years ago, my wife Leslee and I woke up on Thanksgiving morning with a crazy idea.

To build community, help the needy and start the holidays in a fun and healthy way, we founded – and still direct – the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot.

That first year, 2005, we had no idea if anyone would show up. Much to our relief, we exceeded our “stretch goal” of 1,000 paid participants, when 1,900 people toed the line for our 5-k run or walk and our 10-k run.

Applied Materials came on-board as our generous title sponsor. We selected Second Harvest Food Bank, the Children’s Health Initiative and the Housing Trust Fund as our three charities and my good friend Bob Brownstein of working partnerships was an early ally.

Today, eight races later, our little Turkey Trot has grown into a Thanksgiving Day tradition. We expect 25,000 paid participants this year, along with 1,500 kids in our kids fun run.

Thanks to generous sponsors, we should be able to donate $750,000 this year to charity, bringing our 8-year total to more than $3 million.

This year, on Thanksgiving morning, don’t sleep in.  Instead, step up – and join us in downtown San Jose.  It’s the best way to start the holiday. Register here