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January 9  |  Community  |   Carl Guardino

As you start each work day, do you wake up inspired or tired?

We work hard in Silicon Valley, with many of us starting our days at “o-dark-thirty” and ending each day back in the dark again.

A word of inspiration certainly helps to kick-start our work day.

That’s why in 2013 the Silicon Valley Leadership Group has launched our “CEO Inspirational Quote” calendar.  Each work day – 253 in all – we will post an inspiring, original quote from a different senior officer working right here in Silicon Valley:

* Like eSilicon CEO Jack Harding, who says ” ‘Brilliant strategy’ is often just the folklore ascribed after being lucky.”

* Tropos CEO Tom Ayers who says “The real job of an entrepreneur doesn’t begin until someone says ‘no’.”

* Or Luxim CEO Tony McGettigan who says, “Better to build the future than bandaid the past.”

The voices we hear are choices we make; we can be lifted up or torn down. Follow us on facebook, tune in on twitter or simply go to our events calendar at svlg.org for a daily dose of inspiration.

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