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There’s No Place Like Home

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June 14  |  Housing  |   Carl Guardino

“There’s No Place Like Home.”

That phrase is more than just a great line from the film classic, The Wizard of Oz.

In Silicon Valley, it also reflects the enduring work of a quiet yet effective group of grassroots leaders called the Housing Action Coalition.

Last week, the Housing Action Coalition celebrated its 20th Anniversary of advocacy for well-built, appropriately located, affordable rental and for-sale homes for Silicon Valley workers and their families.

And what a 20 years it has been. Consider the numbers. In just 20 years, the Coalition has:

  • Endorsed 229 affordable home proposals.
  • Those thoughtful developments represent 65,059 new home opportunities.
  • 179 of those developments have been approved, built and occupied.
  • 27 more have been approved and are currently being built.
  • Less than 11 percent were rejected or dropped.

More than just homes, the Housing Action Coalition advocates for developments with nearby transit options, neighborhood services and safe communities.

Due to their efforts, tens of thousands of families can utter that famous phrase, “There’s No Place Like Home.”

To learn more about the Housing Action Coalition, visit the Silicon Valley Leadership Group website at

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Partnerships and Progress

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June 5  |  Education, Environment, Federal Issues  |   Carl Guardino

Someone once said, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Last Friday, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group was honored to bring together more than 20 vital community partners for our 2nd Annual “Regional Economic Forum,” with nearly 400 diverse Valley leaders in interactive dialogue on Regional Competitiveness, California Competitiveness, and U.S. Competitiveness.

With our diversity, we found unity – around the need for meaningful California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) reform, comprehensive immigration reform, and bold education reforms that put kids – rather than adults – first.

Our Regional Economic Forum was one of 16 forums around the state, leading up to the November 7-8 Statewide Economic Summit to be held in Los Angeles, thanks to the leadership of California Forward and the California Stewardship Panel.

We often ask, do these forums ever move from rhetoric to results? At last year’s forum, we gathered momentum and allies in our efforts to secure a Regional Patent Office (success) and movement for CEQA Reform (progress).

To learn more about last week’s Forum, read the San Jose Mercury News article here. More important, contact me directly to engage on your priority issues in our work plan. At the Leadership Group, our Members set and direct our agenda, leading to powerful results and meaningful partnerships. Join us.

(Note: The Forum panels were all recorded and will be broadcast on 1590 AM KLIV. One panel will air each week on Friday at 8 pm and you’ll be able to find the podcasts at


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