Winning Together: Innovation is Open for Business

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July 27  |  Community  |   Carl Guardino

After more than five years of leadership – fighting for federal legislation, two federal “sequestrations,” and winning out over 500 separate applications, Silicon Valley is awarded one of only three competitively selected locations for our nation’s first “Regional Patent Office” located outside of Alexandria, Virginia.

Thanks for the public sector partnership with Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren and her peers Anna Eshoo and others; along with local leadership by San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group is the private sector force to successfully champion the Patent Office dream from vision to reality.

On October 15, 2015, the five year effort pays off with the opening within San Jose City Hall.  With 80 Patent Examiners and 20 Patent Judges, innovators and entrepreneurs now do not always need to fly all the way across the country to make their case before a patent examiner or judge.

Thanks to former Tessera CEO Hank Nothhaft for his leadership during the early years of this effort.

Join us for our 40th Anniversary Celebration on Friday evening, July 28.

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