We Need an Army, Not an Audience

August 31  |  Transportation  |   Carl Guardino
Lawrence traffic

Lawrence Expressway

Here’s food for thought . . . In Silicon Valley, we don’t need an audience, we need an army.

On Tuesday, it took me 60 minutes to travel seven miles on Lawrence Expressway.

And I was in the carpool lane. It’s past time that we stopped fuming, and starting fixing the traffic congestion problems that plague our daily commutes.

It makes me more motivated than ever about our three-plus year effort to pass Measure B, for Better Commutes and Better Roads. Designed by traffic engineers and transportation professionals, Measure B will have a Game-Changing impact on key corridors like Lawrence, which will go from a “Level of Service F,” – near gridlock in the a.m. and p.m. commutes – to “Level of Service A” – near free-flow – throughout the day.

Please, learn more at YesMeasureB.com.

But back to our need for an army, not an audience, if Measure B is to be successful on November 8. In Silicon Valley, in our community, we don’t need an “audience” –

>> An audience is interested; but an army is involved
>> An audience sits back; while an army stands up
>> An audience puts others down; while an army lifts others up

Join me. Enlist today. Contact me directly at 408-501-7864, or visit YesMeasureB.com. Let’s get Silicon Valley moving again.

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BART and Caltrain, On-Track and Ready to Roll

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August 17  |  Transportation  |   Carl Guardino

Here’s food for thought . . . BART and Caltrain, on-track and ready to roll.

This week, Governor Brown’s Secretary of Transportation, Brian Kelley, announced the 14 transportation improvements that are recipients of the highly competitive “Cap-and-Trade” funds.

Two of the top priorities from around the state are $20 million to help complete the planned electrification of Caltrain, and $20 million for Segment 2 of our BART extension to downtown San Jose and Santa Clara.

Like peanut butter and chocolate, BART and Caltrain are two great systems that are even better together.

And they will, when voters approve the VTA’s Traffic Relief and Road Repair measure on the November 8 ballot. The second segment of our BART extension will bring the popular line from Berryessa in north San Jose to Alum Rock, downtown San Jose near San Jose State University, the Diridon Station at SAP Center, and on to Santa Clara, immediately across from Santa Clara University.

Both the Diridon Station and the Santa Clara Station will link BART with Caltrain, which will start to be electrified by 2020. Yes, our 60 year dream of Rapid Rail around the Bay is within reach.

The Governor’s decision to invest Cap-and-Trade funds for our BART extension underscores the State’s long-term commitment to Segment two. As Transportation Secretary Kelley wrote when announcing the funds, the state plans for a long-term, multi-year funding commitment to bring BART to downtown San Jose and on to Santa Clara.

BART and Caltrain. Some things simply go better together. And when it comes to easing our crippling commutes, we are one election away from making this dream a reality.

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We Can Whine or Win

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July 25  |  Transportation  |   Carl Guardino

Here’s food for thought . . . We can whine or we can win.

In can-do Silicon Valley, rather than cry and complain about problems, we have a history of working together to solve them.

This November is a clear case in point. For three-plus years, hundreds of private and public sector leaders have collaborated on a Traffic Relief and Road Repair measure that the Valley Transportation Authority recently voted to place on the November 8 ballot. Their 12-0 unanimous vote underscores the thoughtfulness of their process, the need for meaningful countywide congestion relief, the importance of the improvements called for in the allocation plan, and the broad coalition of support the measure enjoys.

The traffic relief improvements called for in the measure are not only important individually, but work together collectively:

* Complete the BART extension to downtown San Jose and Santa Clara
* Greatly increase Caltrain commuter rail capacity, including safety improvements at grade crossings
* Build cost-effective transit alternatives in the Highway 85/West Valley corridor
* Strengthen basic transit service for seniors and the disabled
* Ease traffic on all eight county expressways
* Improve key highway interchanges to alleviate congestion on Highway 101, 280, 880, 17, 85, 237 and 87
* Fix potholes and improve streets in all 15 cities and towns
* Provide bike and pedestrian improvements, especially near schools

Traffic congestion is one of the most challenging problems plaguing our Valley. Whining about it does nothing. Working together to win approval of a countywide Traffic Relief & Road Repair measure this November is how we strengthen Silicon Valley. To get engaged, call me personally at 408-838-4848.

Refresh, Renew, Recharge

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June 29  |  Uncategorized  |   Carl Guardino

Here’s food for thought . . . refresh, renew, recharge.

Later this summer, the Guardino family will pack up and head out to Big Sky Country, also known as “The Treasure State,” – Montana – for a week-long vacation in a region with little to no cell phone connection, broadband access or any other form of 21st Century communication.

The Guardino family’s goal may seem foreign to go-go, type A Silicon Valley: We want to simply unplug. Eleven long days and longer nights star-gazing, trail-blazing and sun-bathing.

In a state with more stars in the sky than people driving by, Montana is home to fewer people than the City of San Jose. Yet it still warrants two United States Senators and a Member of the House of Representatives.

But for a glorious week, this member of the Guardino family doesn’t have to focus on politics, or policy, or programs or projects or even personnel. No, I can focus solely on family. For close to 50 weeks each year, with great humility I’m honored to serve as CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. But for at least two glorious weeks each year – one in the summer and one in the winter – the only title I get to wear is Daddy. Undivided attention awaits two little girls growing up too fast.

For those still here – whether you’re chasing sales quotas, stock options, social networks or software solutions – let’s never forget that we were intended to work in order to live. We were never intended to live in order to work.

Find your own Big Sky Country this summer. Refresh, renew, recharge. Both you and your family will be better off because of it.

There’s More That Unites Us Than Could Ever Divide Us

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June 16  |  Environment  |   Carl Guardino

Pictured: Honorees Green For All Director Vien Truong, Dolores Huerta and Leadership Group CEO Carl Guardino

Here’s food for thought . . . There is more that unites us than could ever divide us.

At the Silicon Valley Leadership Group – when it comes to improving the quality of life for all of our citizens – we work to build bridges, not burn them down.

On June 9th, the Leadership Group was honored with the Environmental Leadership Award by the California League of Conservation Voters – a committed and respected environmental organization. Why did they honor a business organization of 400 Silicon Valley CEOs? Quite simply, common ground. As CEOs who care about the quality of life in our communities throughout California, we know the importance of clean air, clean water, urban parks, open space, affordable homes near transit, renewable energy and a healthy environment.

As engineers and entrepreneurs, we recognize we can have it all – a strong economy and a clean environment – which is why we co-led the campaign that established the Santa Clara County Open Space Authority. It’s why we co-led numerous transportation measures that emphasize transit options that ease traffic congestion. It’s why we recently led the 9-County Bay Restoration Campaign, Measure AA, which passed region-wide with 70 percent of the vote.

These initiatives were not about “tax and spend.” When it comes to our quality of life and a clean environment, we know we must “invest and prosper.”

In our country today, there are too many voices that seek to divide us. In Silicon Valley and throughout California, the Leadership Group will continue to do its level best to champion issues that will unite us.

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The Power of “AND”

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June 8  |  Environment  |   Carl Guardino

The Power of “And.”

Tuesday’s election witnessed the passage of an historic nine-County parcel tax to preserve and protect the San Francisco Bay – Measure AA.

It demonstrated, once again, the Power of and. For five-plus years, two business groups and two environmental groups forged a powerful coalition throughout the 9-County Bay Area. We agreed to the uncommon approach of taxing ourselves for the common good – the restoration of an asset truly worthy of our support, the beauty we call the San Francisco Bay.

The $500 million that Measure AA will generate is – of course – the important front-page story. The back-story, however, is the delightful demonstration of and. You see, it is not, nor has it ever been, the false choice between the environment or the economy. It is not the false struggle between employers and environmentalists.

And unites us to a common purpose. Or divides us and leads to defeat.

Thank you – Bay Area Council, Resources Legacy Fund and Save the Bay. Measure AA is only “act one” in this on-going saga to Save our Bay. As we stay united, we can now work to secure State funds and Federal funds to protect, preserve and enhance this treasure that rests between the nine-counties, cherished by residents throughout our region. All because of the power of and.

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Time for telephone regulations to keep up with technological realities

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June 1  |  Tech & Innovation  |   Carl Guardino

Here’s food for thought . . . It’s time our telephone regulations kept up with our technological realities.

If you use an iPhone, Skype with friends or family, or stream movies, you know the way we communicate has come a long way from the days of the rotary phone with a chord in our kitchen.

But California’s telecommunications policy hasn’t kept pace. Silicon Valley Assemblyman Evan Low wants to change that. He’s proposed legislation, Assembly Bill 2395, that will modernize state policies for the first time since the 1950s. That will give all of us more options and more access to new technologies to live and work better. Assemblyman Low’s bill encourages the deployment of advanced technology including better mobile and internet technologies – to strengthen emergency services, telemedicine and long-distance learning. AB 2395 is not about taking anything away; it’s about transitioning to new and better technologies, just as we as consumers are doing right now.

That’s why a broad coalition of groups, from the San Jose Police Officers Association to the NAACP to the Congress of California Seniors – and the Silicon Valley Leadership Group – support this legislation.

If you agree with what Assemblyman Low is working to accomplish on AB 2395, it is time to make your voice heard. Contact the Leadership Group, or Assemblyman Low directly, to call in your support. It’s time California regulatory policy dialed in to the 21st Century.

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Silicon Valley’s Economy Depends on Trade

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May 25  |  Tech & Innovation  |   Carl Guardino

Here’s food for thought . . . Silicon Valley’s robust economy depends on trade

In a recent survey of 600 Santa Clara County voters, commissioned by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, President Obama’s 7-year effort to expand the trade of American goods and services to eleven countries in the Asia-Pacific is supported by a two-to-one margin.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership – or TPP – is a Trade Agreement between the United States and 11 countries along the Pacific Rim, with nearly 800 million people, accounting for 40 percent of global trade. Along with the United States, the countries engaged in the Trans-Pacific Partnership include Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Chile and Peru.

President Obama deserves praise for successfully negotiating with the other 11 countries for the strongest environmental standards of any U.S. Trade Agreement in history.

The President also successfully negotiated with the other 11 countries for the highest labor standards of any U.S. Trade Agreement in history, including the rights of workers in other countries to form Unions and to establish minimum wages for workers.

In Santa Clara County alone, there are 105,000 local jobs that are dependent on Trade with other countries. Those local jobs support tens of thousands of local families who drive our region’s economy.

And jobs tied to trade pay better than jobs that do not depend on trade. In fact, American jobs that are tied to trade pay – on average – 18 percent higher salaries and benefits than the same type of job that is not tied to trade.

When Santa Clara County voters were asked if they support or oppose President Obama’s efforts to have Congress pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership before he leaves office in January of 2017, the results were clear:

* 57 percent support the President on trade
* Only 29 percent oppose the President on trade
* With 14 percent offering no opinion

The Trans-Pacific Partnership – a Trade Agreement carefully crafted by President Obama – is good for working families throughout Silicon Valley; and deserves the support of Congress before he leaves office next year.

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Two ears and one mouth. Use them proportionally.

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April 20  |  Government Relations  |   admin

Here’s food for thought … Two ears and one mouth. Use them proportionally.

In nearly three decades in public policy, I’ve learned that the best time to speak with elected officials is when they are still candidates. They still listen more than speak, and are often wonderfully candid in sharing their positions and views.

Two weeks ago, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group openly posted City Council Candidate responses to five key policy issues impacting San Jose and Silicon Valley. Nineteen of the 21 candidates responded. We recently received another response from District 8 Candidate Pat Waite.

To read the completed questionnaire from Mr. Waite and the 19 other candidates, please visit the Silicon Valley Leadership Group website at svlg.org. All 20 responses are thoughtful, enlightening and clear. Democracy works best when we as citizens are well-informed, and when candidates are listening to those who’s votes they are seeking.


Fight for Flights

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April 6  |  Transportation  |   Carl Guardino

Here’s food for thought … San Jose Airport is taking off.


In the past three years, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group has actively championed several international flights out of San Jose International Airport:

  • ANA to Tokyo began January 11, 2013
  • Hainan Airlines to Beijing began June 15, 2015
  • British Airways to London starts May 4, 2016
  • Air Canada to Vancouver starts May 9, 2016
  • Lufthansa to Frankfurt starts July 1, 2016

It’s time to look within the U.S. rather than just abroad. Our recent survey of 120 executives identified some of the top domestic destinations:

  • New York City
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Chicago
  • Boston
  • Seattle

If given a preference based on convenience or cost, 89 percent would prefer flights from San Jose Airport, 3 percent from San Francisco Airport. Now the hard part: trying to convince airlines to care about the choices and concerns of their customers – and making the business case for multi-billion dollar decisions.

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group will fight for flights. Please join us.

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