Leadership Group Media Statement: Revised Travel Ban Executive Order

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Today the Silicon Valley Leadership Group released this statement from President & CEO Carl Guardino.

“President Trump on Monday, March 6th signed a revised version of the executive order on immigration, excluding Iraq from the list of certain predominantly-Muslim countries whose citizens face temporary bans. With this new Order, the President renews his call for biometric entry-exit measures for foreign travelers. 

 The Silicon Valley Leadership Group, an organization of 400 employers with facilities in all 50 states and almost every Congressional District, understands and appreciates the need for everyone to work in secure and safe environments where they and their families can thrive and reach their best potential.

However, a ban that runs counter to our country’s ​core values of freedom and liberty is not ​the best approach. Rather, we encourage the Trump Administration, House and Senate to work on security measures that balance security with privacy and ease of movement. The President’s renewed call for biometric tracking of foreign travelers should be limited to the fewest measures needed to balance security with privacy, while also minimizing travel impediments to foreign tech workers. 

The Order also includes room for additional countries to be added to the travel ban list. This increased uncertainty is detrimental for business planning and the ability for U.S .companies to attract and retain an international workforce. The Leadership Group respects that our national security must remain a paramount concern of our Federal Government. We also believe that we can’t sacrifice our global competitiveness or the immigrant story that is so interwoven into 

America’s ​entrepreneurial economy. “


Kimberly Ellis, SVP Communications and Marketing              

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Nancy Sanchez, Dir. of Communications

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