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November 2012 Ballot Results

Statewide Measures

  • Proposition 40, Maintain Current Citizens Redistricting Commission — Supported (Passed)
  • Proposition 39, California Clean Energy Jobs Act – Supported (Passed)
  • Proposition 31, Performance Based and Multi-Year State Budgeting — Supported (Failed)

Local Measures ( All Passed )

  • Santa Clara County Measure B, Santa Clara Water District Parcel Tax extension — Support
  • Santa Clara County, Measure H, San Jose Unified – School Bond — Support
  • Santa Clara County, Measure I, East Side Union High School District – School Bond — Support
  • Santa Clara County, Measure K, Berryessa Union School District – Local School District Parcel Tax Extension — Support
  • San Francisco County Measure F, Hetch Hetchy Draining — Oppose
  • San Francisco County Measure E, Change from Payroll Tax to Gross Receipts Tax — Support

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