1000 Hearts for 1000 Minds

For only one hour a week, you can change the life of a child!

Silicon Valley is facing an education crisis. Too many of our students make up what is known as the “achievement gap” because they are not proficient in the core subject areas of literacy, mathematics and science. With budget cuts, schools are struggling to get by, leaving many students under-served. At the same time, leading Silicon Valley companies are starving for talent and having trouble recruiting locally because students are not equipped with the skills needed to compete in the local job market.

In response to this dire situation, 1000 Hearts for 1000 Minds  was launched. This initiative is a partnership between the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and the City of San Jose, and endorsed by the Cities Association of Santa Clara County, which aims to leverage the creative energy of the world’s most innovative workforce and residents to inspire excellence among 1,000 students in literacy, math, and science and thereby narrow the achievement gap in Silicon Valley.

The goal is to link 1,000 caring adults with 1,000 struggling public school students in grades K-8 through tutoring and mentoring programs for just 1 hour per week for as little as 8-to-12 weeks. 

We make volunteering easy; we have partnered with 15 non-profit programs that provide quality tutoring and mentoring services to our under-performing students at times and locations convenient for anyone’s schedule. All members of our community – professionals, high school and college students, retirees, stay-at-home parents – who are interested in a minimal time commitment opportunity to make a big impact in their community are perfect for 1000 Hearts for 1000 Minds. Contact us and we will connect you with the program that is best for your schedule and interests.

Click here to volunteer or to learn more.

You can also contact our Program Associate Natasha Baker at volunteer@hearts4minds.org, 408-501-7874