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About Us

Our mission is to  advocate for policies and programs that reflect reliable, high-quality, environmentally-responsible, and competitively-priced energy and power in an open and transparent market-based system.

Top Priorities

  • Clean Energy Supply

  • Promote financing and deployment of clean energy and emerging technologies, to the benefit of Silicon Valley Leadership Group members.
  • 2017
    Active in  SGIP,  IDER, DRP and FERC storage proceedings  
  • 2016
    Active in NEM, GTSR, IDER, DRP proceedings  
  • 2015
    Active in NEM proceeding  
  • Grid Modernization and Reliability, Distributed Energy Resources

  • Promote  and facilitate integration of technologies that support a safer, smarter, more reliable gas and electric grid.
  • 2017
    Active in SGIP, IDER, DRP and FERC storage proceedings. Active in discussion on regional integration of the CAISO. Engage in efforts to increase access to customer data and underlying grid data.  
  • 2016
    Active in SGIP, IDER, and DRP  proceedings. Active in discussion on regional integration of the CAISO. Engaged in efforts to increase access to customer data and underlying grid data.  
  • Demand-side Solutions

  • Promote energy efficiency, demand response, and reduce energy waste.
  • 2017
    Active in  the Diablo Canyon proceeding at the CPUC.
  • 2015
    Active in proceedings around Title 24 Building Standards at the CEC 

Our Team

Tim McRae, Vice President, Energy -


Tim McRae is the Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s Vice President, Energy.   He helps the Leadership Group’s members and partners define and carry out energy-related policy, programs, and events.  Issue areas include reliability, quality, environmental sensitivity, innovation, customer choice, competitive pricing, and responsibilities include lobbying, fundraising, and managing events.  Prior to Tim joining the Leadership Group in 2013, he developed commercial wind projects for Aries Power and Industrial, worked on sustainability and energy efficiency for PG&E, and climate change policy for the British government.

A graduate of Georgetown University and UC Davis School of Law, Tim serves on the San Jose Parks Foundation Board, the Acterra Business Environmental Awards Advisory Committee and on SPUR’s “Fossil Free Bay Area” energy task force.   He also volunteers in the “Reading Partners” program at Robert F. Kennedy elementary school in San Jose.

Heidi Sickler, Sr. Associate, Energy and Environment -

Current Legislation

  • SB 71 (Wiener) — Electricity: Solar Energy Systems — Support
  • SB 100 (De León) — California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program: emissions of greenhouse gases — Support in Concept
  • AB 36 (Nazarian) — Eligible fuel cell electrical generating facilities: energy metering — Support
  • AB 398 (E. Garcia) — Extend and improve cap and trade — Support 
  • AB 523 (Reyes) — Electric Program Investment Charge: allocation — Support

Past Wins


  • SB 350 (2015) —  Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act of 2015


  • Net Energy Metering (NEM):

NEM supports a robust rooftop solar industry in California that has grown into a global leader and helps homeowners, schools, and businesses across the state save billions of dollars in electric bills and reduces their greenhouse gas emissions. Many of our member companies, representing a substantial subset of end users, have installed solar systems that utilize NEM.

In California, NEM has leveraged more than $10 billion in private investment, reduced electricity demand, and helped support more than 54,000 in-state jobs. Rooftop solar is vital to continue growing our burgeoning clean energy economy both locally and across the state, and to meeting the state’s ambitious clean energy goals.

The Leadership Group has weighed-in in support of this program at the state legislature and California Public Utilities Commission, and will continue to support this important program.

 Resources and Partners

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