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The Leadership Group’s Energy Committee was born out of the 2000-2001 California energy crisis, when a combination of  insufficient power reserves and high electricity demand among other factors caused widespread rolling blackouts. Today, the Energy Committee advocates for public policies promoting clean energy, energy efficiency, and grid modernization; it also works with member companies to capture energy savings and boost performance through energy efficiency partnerships, programs, and educational events. The Committee’s work contributes to more clean, reliable, and affordable energy for Silicon Valley and beyond. To see a full list of the Committee’s policy priorities, click here.

Energy Committee 

The Energy Committee works with the Leadership Group to advocate for policies that return an innovative, competitive, and sustainability-based energy outlook in our market today. To see a full list of the Committee’s mission and member organizations, click here.

Accomplishments (Past Wins)

  • Passage of AB 2188 (Muratsuchi) – Legislature passed and Gov. Brown signed bill to streamline permitting for small scale solar installations in municipalities with SVLG support.
  • SB 1121 (De Leon) – Legislature passed through house of origin bill to create a Green Bank in California. The Administration responded by authorizing the California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank to do more clean energy financing. The Leadership Group played a leading role in the coalition advancing the idea, in order to help scale clean energy.
  • AB 1624 (Gordon) – This Leadership Group-supported bill called for the extension of the Self Generation Incentive Program. The governor agreed to extend the SGIP in his June budget, obviating the need for the bill.
  • Passage of AB 327 (Perea) Rate Payer Equity Act. AB 327 eliminates provisions of the California Public Utilities Code that restricted the ability of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to make changes to residential electricity rates. It also provides a framework for the CPUC to extend the Net Energy Metering program and to increase California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard above 33 percent. The Leadership Group supported AB 327 as it
    • Removed restrictions on lower tiers
    • Covered cost of service
    • Improved CARE Program
    • Simplified Time Of Use (TOU) Tiers
    • Affirmed opt-In Dynamic Rates
  • Passage of SB 43 (Wolk)Shared Renewable Energy Self-Generation Program. SB 43 enables electric utility customers to purchase renewable electricity from shared renewable energy facilities. The Leadership Group supported this bill with an amendment to incorporate the PG&E green tariff settlement as a mechanism for bill credit.


  • Silicon Valley Energy and Sustainability Summit – Since 2013, the Leadership Group has held an annual Energy and Sustainability Summit. This Summit brings together over 300 business, nonprofit, and public sector leaders to discuss best practices, lessons learned and practical solutions in applying innovative technologies (such as Information Communication Technologies) and practices (such as Big Data Analytics) to achieve energy and sustainability goals for the future.
  • Data Center Efficiency Summit – In 2008 the Leadership Group held its first annual Data Center Efficiency Summit in partnership with Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and the California Energy Commission. Today, the Summit is a well- known annual event among Silicon Valley industry experts. What sets it apart from other Data Center conferences is its focus on end-user driven case studies and follow-up discussions about the best data center practices/technologies. The Data Center Efficiency Summit will not take place in 2015. 
  • Grid of the Future Summit – In 2015 the Leadership Group will be launching a new Summit focused on the Grid of the Future: Data-Driven and Distributed. The event will take place in November. Details available soon. For questions, please contact Tim McRae at 
  • Workshops – Annually, the Leadership Group works with our member companies and partners including Pacific Gas & Electric to host a series of educational workshops around pertinent energy issues. Past workshop topics have included Demand Response (DR), Title 24 Building Efficiency Standards, Electric Vehicles, Smart Grid and Distributed Generation  (DG) Integration. Workshops are open to the public. 
  • Executive Round Tables – Several times a year the Leadership Group convenes member company senior executives and key public officials for small round table discussions. Previously officials have included California Energy Commissioner Andrew McAllister and Chair Robert Weisemiller, California Public Utilities Commissioners Michael Picker and Carla Peterman and CA Air Resources Board Chair Mary Nichols among others. Round tables are only open to Leadership Group members.




Slides from Dec. 17 , 2015 workshop

Smart Grid 

In 2010, the Leadership Group co-founded the Silicon Valley Smart Grid Task Force with Pacific Gas & Electric Company and the City of San Jose to conduct an economic analysis of the impact of smart grid on Silicon Valley industries. Read the report here: Smart Grid Deployment and the Impact on Silicon Valley. Read the 2013 update here.

On January 18, 2012, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group organized Transforming the Energy Landscape with the Green Button, electrifying more than 150 attendees hosted by EMC Corporation. Responding to a challenge issued by U.S. CTO Aneesh Chopra last fall at another Leadership Group event, California’s big three utilities announced the launch of the green button, which allows consumers to download their energy data and utilize third-party services and products for energy management.

Watch highlights of the event here. The Leadership Group hosted the 2nd Green Button Developer Day on July 18, 2013 with over 250 attendees.

Energy Committee Materials

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