2016 Silicon Valley Energy and Sustainability Summit

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What’s Next After Paris & What’s In Store For California?

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2015 was a momentous year. First, there was a historic climate agreement in Paris where 196 countries agreed to limit their emissions of heat-trapping gases to try and stay below 2°C; and second, the passage of SB 350 here in California, which calls for half of the state’s electricity to come from renewable sources, while also doubling energy efficiency in homes, offices and factories – all by 2030. At the same time, the state remained mired in an extraordinary drought.

Join us on June 30 at Oracle to learn how to employ the latest innovative technologies and practices to create lasting value and explore what you can do on a practical level to prepare for a changing policy and regulatory landscape. the 4th Annual Silicon Valley Energy and Sustainability Summit will include C-Suite plenaries, policy round tables, workshops and case studies, all focused on the business case for clean and efficient energy, environmental sustainability, water conservation and climate action.

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We have a number of branding and sponsorship opportunities available for this event. For more information, please contact Mike Mielke (mmielke@svlg.org).

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Enterprise risk management Brand management Business development
Business strategy Facility and energy managers Design engineering
Legal/Government Relations Finance Marketing leadership
Operations leadership Product strategy and design Human resources
Quality management Green teams Sustainability leadership



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