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Peter Gleick Keynote
Water Corporate Sustainability Panel
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2016 was officially the warmest year on record, with temperatures almost 2 degrees Fahrenheit higher than the pre-industrial level. The year also brought change to Washington, with many uncertain or fearful of what is to come.

California has vowed to continue to lead on climate and environmental issues. And business has, in many ways, taken responsibility for advancing the sustainability agenda over the last decade. For example, recent surveys show 85% of executives believe climate change is real and more than 90% of CEOs believe that sustainability is important to a company’s profits.

What are companies doing to address sustainability? And given the uncertain and uneven policy and regulatory environment, what are their plans going forward?

Join Us!

Join us on May 25 at Oracle HQ for the 5th annual Silicon Valley Energy and Sustainability Summit (#ESS17) to explore how to employ the latest innovative technologies and practices to create lasting value and learn what leading businesses are doing to address the sustainability imperative.




Is there a particular panel or topic you want to see at this year’s Summit? Do you have an exciting end-user (the ultimate consumer of a given product or service offering) case study to share? Don’t wait. Submit your proposal today!

We welcome campus projects, customer case studies, or best practices in:

  • Corporate fleets/employee commute programs
  • ZNE and building electirification projects
  • Energy storage (particularly when paired with other cleantech solutions
  • Supply chain sustainability
  • Corporate alignment with SDGs
  • Sustainable cities
  • Water conservation and efficiency
  • Managing business risk in an era of climate change
  • New technologies that can advance corporate sustainability — a look at new technologies that could come to market in the next 3-5 years and the policy implications for their making it to scale

How to submit case studies:
Please fill out the following submission form or send a short (three pages or less — with as much specific detail as possible — including charts and graphs) write-up of the case study to Lauren Boyd (lboyd@svlg.org) with the email title “ESS 17 Case Study” no later than March 23.

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  • Enterprise risk management
  • Business strategy
  • Legal/Government relations
  • Operations leadership
  • Quality management
  • Brand management
  • Facility and energy managers
  • Finance
  • Product strategy and design
  • Green teams
  • Business development
  • Design engineering
  • Marketing leadership
  • Human resources
  • Sustainability leadership


Select branding opportunities are still available for this event. For more information, please contact Mike Mielke at mmielke@svlg.org.


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Please direct questions regarding volunteer roles to Lauren Boyd at lboyd@svlg.org.

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