2011 Data Center Efficiency Summit Case Studies

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Case Studies on High Performance Data Centers

Facebook – presented by Paul Hsu and Veerendra Malay
Brocade – presented by Victor Garcia

Air Flow Management: A Discussion with End Users

Discussion only

Software Platforms for Energy Management

NetApp – presented by David Shroyer
U.S. Department of Energy – presented by Neil Wright (of Triton)
IBM – presented by Lynn Guest
Cisco – presented by Jerry Green

Server Room Efficiency Workshop

Stanford University/Lawrence Berkeley Lab/NRDC– presented by Bill Tschudi, Richard Brown, Joyce Dickerson, Pierre Delforge

Sustainability Planning and Data Centers

Stanford University – presented by Joyce Dickerson
Akamai – presented by Nicole Peill-Moelter

The Next Big Thing in Data Center Technology: A Discussion with End Users

Discussion only

Comprehensive Energy Management Strategy and Programs Workshop

Pacific Gas & Electric Company – presented by Bill Dunckel

Case Studies on DC Power

EPRI – presented by Dennis Symanski
Syracuse University – presented by H. Ezzat Khalifa
NTT Facilities – presented by Keizo Hoshijima

Case Studies on Cooling

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab – presented by Henry Coles
Midas Networks – presented by Chris Boyd (downloads in PPT to include video link)

Keynote from the Public Sector

Adrian Farley, Chief Technology Officer, State of California
Kevin Piombo, Deputy Director of Engineering, California Technology Agency
Rich Radan, Deputy Director of Operations, California Technology Agency

Thank you again to our 2011 host, partners, and sponsors!