2013 Call for Case Studies

The Data Center Efficiency Summit is a signature event of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group in partnership with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the California Energy Commission, which brings together engineers and thought leaders for one full day to discuss best practices, cutting edge new technologies, and lessons learned by real end users – not marketing pitches. 



We welcome case studies presented by an end user or customer. If you are the vendor of an exciting new technology, please work with your customers to submit a case study.  Case studies of built projects with actual performance data are preferred.
All case studies presented at this event are posted on our website for distribution after the event is complete. Your case study contribution will help to enhance the development of critical efficiency activity in the data center industry.  This sharing of successes and lessons learned is important to guiding adoption and creation of new and future programs. 
Topics to consider: 
  • Energy Efficiency and/or Demand Response
  • Efficient Cooling (Example: Liquid Immersion Cooling, Heat Reuse, Recycled Water Use)
  • Efficient Power Distribution (Example: DC Power, Advanced Energy Storage)
  • Server Power Management, Consolidation, and/or Virtualization
  • IT Impact on Energy Efficiency (Example: Assessments on Energy Intensity of Cloud Computing)
  • Energy Efficient Data Center Operations and Corporate-Level Management Strategies 
In the final version of your case study, you will need to include: 
  • Quantifiable savings in terms of kWh savings, percentage reduction in energy consumption, annual dollar savings for the data center, or CO2reduction
  • Costs and ROI including all implementation costs with a breakdown (hardware, software, services, etc) and time horizon for savings
  • Description of site environment (age, size or load, production or R&D use)
  • List of any technology vendors or NGO partners associated with project
Please submit a short (1 page or less) statement of interest and description of your project or concept to fwahl@svlg.org with subject heading: DCES13 by Tuesday, September 3, 2013. Submissions will be reviewed and considered in the context of this event.