Case Study Presentations

Thanks to everyone who attended the 6th Annual Data Center Efficiency Summit.  See below for this year’s presentations.

Keynote Address

Dr. Tim Unruh, Department of Energy

Kaiser Permanente Case Study 

Steve Press and Jack Colbaugh, Kaiser Permanente and Mark Hydeman, Taylor Engineering

Session 1A: Liquid Cooling

Henry Coles, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Dustin Demetriou, IBM

Session 1B: Small Data Centers

Bruce Thorpe, Nvidia
Scott Schuetz, PECI

Session 2A: Verizon Case Study

Ben Stewart, Verizon Terremark

Session 2B: Facebook Case Study

Dan Lee, Facebook

Session 3A: Consolidation/Rationalization

Anna Maria Bailey, Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Troy Tazbaz, Oracle

Session 3B: Advanced IT Technology

Dave Rotheroe, Hewlett-Packard
Terry Pass, NetApp

Case Studies: Comprehensive & Integrated Solutions to Pushing Efficiency Limits

Steve Hammond and Peter Rumsey, NREL and Integral Group West 
Dean Nelson, Ebay