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Thanks to everyone who attended the 7th Annual Data Center Efficiency Summit. 

See below for this year’s presentations.

Keynote Address: Big Data and Analytics 

Aziz Safa, Intel 

Session 1A – Fabric Defined Data Centers at Cloud-Scale

David Gauthier, Microsoft (Extra Content and Video)

Session 1B – Insights into Application Workload and Idle Servers Lead to Power Savings

John Hickson, Arc Productions

Session 2A – The Pros and Cons of Cooling for Free

Mark Skiff, NetApp
Brent Draney, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Session 2B – Are Data Centers Ready for a Dynamic Grid?

Anna Maria Bailey, Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Ghaleb Abdulla, Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Keynote Address: The Future of Energy Efficiency in California

Commissioner Andrew McAllister, California Energy Commission

Session 3A – Advanced Integrated Systems Driving Efficiency

James Monahan, eBay
Mike Edie, Digital Realty Trust

Session 3B – Some Like it Hot, Some like it Cold

Kenny Gross, Oracle
KC Mares, MegaWatt Consulting

Session 4A – Embedded Data Centers: Can Utility Programs Provide the Missing Efficiency Link?

Priscilla Johnson, Pacific Gas & Electric
Robert Huang, Cadmus
Pierre Delforge, NRDC

Session 4B – Turning Drops into Dollars: Cooling System Solutions

Bill Tschudi, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Cash Bryan, Internap

Session 5A – Dense and Efficient

Paul Vaccaro, Intel
John Musilli, Intel
Henry Coles, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Session 5B – Go with the Flow to Save Energy

Mike Bangs, Oracle
Mukesh Khattar, Oracle
Brett Illers, Yahoo