2012 Data Center Efficiency Summit Case Studies








Thanks to everyone who attended the 2012 Summit. See below for this year’s presentations and case studies.

The 5th Annual Data Center Efficiency Summit took place on Wednesday, October 24 at AMD, 1 AMD Place, Sunnyvale, California. This event is a partnership between the Leadership Group, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the California Energy Commission to identify best practices, emerging technologies and applications that reduce data center and IT costs through increased efficiency.

Presentations & Case Studies

9:15 AM – Keynote Panel: Supporting the Next Wave of Data Center Innovation

Keynote Panel Presentation by Horst Simon, Deputy Director, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

11:00 AM (Main Room) – Case Studies on Energy Efficiency from Data Center Design

Mozilla  Presented by Matthew Zeier
eBay  Presented by Serena DeVito

11:00 AM (Break Out Room 3/4/5) – Wireless CRAC and CRAH Controls

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  Presented by Ed Ritenour
EPRI  Presented by Dennis Symanski
Digital Realty Trust  Presented by Danny Johnson

11:00 AM (Break Out Room 6/7/8) – Modeling and DCIM

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory  Presented by Andy Ashbaugh
Intel  Presented by Henry Wong

12:30 PM (Break Out Room 3/4/5) – Case Studies on Cooling Technologies

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  Presented by Henry Coles
University of California, San Diego Presented by Steve Harrington
Salt River Project  Presented by Greg Young, HP

12:30 PM (Break Out Room 6/7/8) – Server Closet Efficiency

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Presented by Bill Tschudi
Natural Resources Defense Council Presented by Pierre Delforge
Stanford University Presented by Shalini Singh

12:30 PM (Conference Room 9/10) – Lessons Learned from the Japan Earthquake

Atsushi Yamanaka, Japan Data Center Council

2:15 PM (Main Room) – Pioneering Power Supply

Snohomish County PUD Presented by Dennis Symanski, EPRI
Green.ch  Presented by Lutz Boettger, ABB, and Mike Miller, HP
Bloom Energy  Presented by David Holub, Hooked Communications
EMerge Alliance  Presented by Tim Martinson

2:15 PM (Break Out Room 3/4/5) – Demand Response Programs for Data Centers

Pacific Gas and Electric Company Presented by Jonathan Burrows
San Diego Supercomputer Center Presented by Matthew Campbell
San Diego Gas and Electric Presented by Eric Martinez
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Presented by Yong Qin
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and NetApp Presented by Girish Ghatikar

3:30 PM (Main Room) – Airflow Management Case Studies

Volkswagen China  Presented by Greg Young, HP
Brocade Presented by Victor Garcia, Brocade and Jeff Stein, Taylor Engineering



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