Energy & Sustainability Summit

Leadership in an Era of Rollbacks & Setbacks


In 2017, after years of forward progress, the globe took a step backward as some of the world’s most important environmental protections were loosened and jeopardized.  At the same time, last year saw the global transition to clean energy intensify as well as a renewed focus on public-private partnerships to advance environmental sustainability.  

With the cost of renewables continuing to fall at an unprecedented rate, policy makers and business leaders increasingly feel emboldened to advance concrete commitments and work to accelerate climate action, even in the face of determined efforts to prolong the inevitable transition to clean energy.  While the U.S. government pulled out of the Paris Agreement, American businesses resoundingly said “We’re still in”, and over 50 U.S. cities put forward ambitious timetables for getting to 100% clean energy.

Business is also advancing environmental sustainability and looking to increase profitability while reducing dependence on natural resources in a constrained world.  Additionally, companies are looking to align their corporate strategy with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals; realizing the SDGs, it’s projected, could create upwards of 350 million jobs and opportunities worth $12 trillion across a range of sectors.  

Join Us on May 24! Silicon Valley Energy & Sustainability Summit 2018 

Join us on May 24 at Oracle to learn about the latest policy and regulatory developments and to explore how to employ the latest innovative technologies and practices to create lasting value and explore what you can do on a practical level to prepare for an evolving landscape.  The 6th Annual Silicon Valley Energy and Sustainability Summit will include C-Suite plenaries, policy round tables and case studies, all focused on the business case for clean and efficient energy, environmental sustainability, water conservation and climate action.  The event brings together policy experts, elected and appointed officials, business executives and NGO leaders for a series of thoughtful and engaging discussions.

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It’s clear society is increasingly turning to the private sector and asking companies respond to broader societal challenges.   And business – often in partnership with others, including the communities they operate in – are stepping up to the meet the call for action. Join us on May 24th to see real leadership in an era of setbacks and rollbacks.

Call for Case Studies and Panel Proposals

Is there a particular panel or topic you want to see at this year’s Summit? Do you have an exciting end-user (the ultimate consumer of a given product or service offering) case study to share?  Don’t wait. Submit your proposal today! 

We welcome campus projects, customer case studies, or best practices in:

  • We’re Still In: Campus Energy Efficiency & Renewables and Commitments to Action on Climate
  • The Future of Transportation: Zero Emission Vehicles, Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G), Smart Grid, & Electric Vehicle Readiness
  • Data, Technology and Sustainability: IoT, Big Data, & Blockchain to advance clean energy and environmental sustainability
  • Circular Economy: Closing the Loop to Achieve Sustainability Goals  
  • Engaging Your Customers: Corporate & Community Sustainability Reporting
  • Preparing for a Climate Changed World: Climate “Proofing” Your Business or Community
  • Future Ready Workforce:  Jobs in Sustainability Are the Future
  • Sustainability for All: Environmental Equity and Social Justice

How to Submit Proposals 

Please fill out the submission form below OR send a short (five pages or less including charts and graphs) description of the case study to Kendra Schultz ( with the subject “ESS18 Case Study” no later than March 22.

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Who Should Attend

  • Enterprise risk management
  • Business strategy
  • Legal/Government relations
  • Operations leadership
  • Quality management
  • Brand management
  • Facility and energy managers
  • Finance
  • Product strategy and design
  • Green teams
  • Business development
  • Design engineering
  • Marketing leadership
  • Human resources
  • Sustainability leadership


Sponsorship Opportunities

Select branding opportunities are still available for this event. For more information, please contact Mike Mielke at


Please direct questions regarding volunteer roles to Kendra Schultz at


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