1) On – Site Generation Workshop on October 8, 2013 hosted by Bloom Energy


Altera Fuel Cells presented by Dennis Lopez of Altera
Arques Campus Solar Presentation presented by Vic Ciccarelli of Applied Materials
FHDA Distributed Energy Generation presented by Robert Cormia of Foothill College

2) Energy Efficiency and Title 24 Building Standards  Workshop on November 14, 2013 hosted by EPRI


2013 Title 24, Part 6 Building Standards presented by Steve Murphy of Blach Construction
Demand Response: Changes in Title 24 presented by Mary Ann Piette of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Automated Demand Response Incentives presented by Fred Yoo of Pacific Gas & Electric
Data Centers in Title 24  presented by Jeff Stein of Taylor Engineering
Integrated Energy Retrofits presented by Mary Curtiss of Jones Lang LaSalle

3) Demand Response Workshop on December 10,2013 hosted by EPRI


Automated Demand Response presented by Honeywell
Demand Response in California: Present and Future presented by Jason MacDonald of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Early Developments in DR presented by Mukesh Khattar of Oracle
Engaging the Customer in a Changing Environment presented by Mona Tierney-Llyod of EnerNoc
Demand Response Programs presented by Peter Chan of Pacific Gas & Electric
Demand Response presented by Cindy Anderson of BuildingIQ
Aggregators Role in Demand Response presented by David Weidberg of Johnson Controls

4) Title 24 Commercial Building Standards Workshop on April 23, 2014 hosted by Silver Spring Networks 


2013 NonresidSRI ential Energy Standards Overview presented by Tav Commins of the California Energy Commission
What’s New in the 2013 Energy Code for Lighting Standards? presented by  Kelly Cunningham of UC Davis, California Lighting Technology Center 
PG&E Program Readiness and New Rebate Programs – Title 24 2013 presented by Mangesh Basarkar and Derek Fletcher of PG&E
Title 24 Standard Essentials: What triggers the Energy Code? presented by  Jon McHugh of McHugh Energy Consultants Inc.

5) The Smart Grid’s Impact on Energy Efficiency Workshop on October 2, 2014 hosted by SRI


Setting the Stage presented by Ammi Amarnath, Electric Power Research Institute
Smart Meters Enabling Time of Use (TOU) Pricing: The effect of rate structures on  Commercial/Industrial consumer behavior presented by Brian Alward, EnerNOC
Smart Grid Enabling Integration of DG at Customer Sites presented by Chuck Wells, OsiSoft 
Smart Grid Technology – Tools for Energy Analysis: TOU, Demand Charges, & Potential for Energy Storage presented by Robert Cormia, Foothill College and Patrick Woods, Gridium 
Data Analytics Enabling Energy Efficiency at End User Sites presented by Mukesh Khatta, Oracle 

6) Electric Vehicles Workshop – Focus on Demand Response, Storage and Energy Efficiency on December 16, 2014 hosted by SAP


PG&E Rates and Programs and Current EV Offerings presented by David Almeida, PG&E
EV Infrastructure in Palo Alto presented by Sven These, Palo Alto
Overview of CPUC AFV OIR presented by Adam Langton, California Public Utilities Commission
Overview of Central Server project and Vehicle to Grid integration issues presented by Dan Bowermaster, EPRI
Policy Barriers Remaining to Achieve Maximum Potential for EV as bidirectional energy resource presented by  Paul Stith, EV Grid

 7) Data Center Efficiency Workshop on April 15, 2015 hosted by NetApp

Electronics Take a Bath Update presented by Bill Tschudi, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab 
Liquid Cooling a Supercomputer presented by  Geoff Lyon, CoolIT
Oil Immersion Cooling presented by Dhruv Varma, Green Revolution Cooling
PG&E Emerging Technology Case Study presented by  Stephen Fok, PG&E
Liquid Cooling presented by Anna Maria Bailey, Lawrence Livermore National Lab
ASHRAE Thermal Guidelines presented by Robin Steinbrecher, Intel
Data Center Cooling presented by Mark Hydeman, Taylor Engineering
ASHRAE Data Center Environmental Standards – Field Observations presented by Mukesh Khattar, EPRI
NetApp Data Centers presented by Ralph Renne, NetApp

 8) Title 24  Workshop on August 2, 2016 hosted by EPRI

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2016 Energy Efficiency Building Standards in Title 24  presented by Chris Olvera, CEC
Updates to Title 24 Lighting Standards presented by Matt Schultz, Associated Lighting Representatives
Financing Options for Title 24 Compliance presented by Steven Horowitz, Optimum Energy
Incentives and Rebates Available for Energy Efficient Equipment presented by Napallo Gomez-Somer, PG&E
Palo Alto’s Energy Reach Code presented by Evon Ballash, City of Palo Alto