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The drive for environmental sustainability is changing the global landscape. Declining resources, increasing demands for transparency and easier access to information, rising consumer and government expectations and intensifying competition mean the rules of the game have permanently changed.

California has a long history of enacting innovative environmental policies, with Silicon Valley serving as the standard-bearer in the quest to develop the programs and technologies necessary to help surmount our most pressing environmental challenges.   The Silicon Valley Leadership Group is proud to work at this intersection of innovation and policy – helping foster solutions that benefit our region, state and nation. Our top policy priorities are corporate environmental sustainability, water infrastructure financing, and climate change.

The Team






Mike Mielke
SVP, Energy and Environment
mmielke@svlg.org │ 408.501.7858






Heidi Sickler
Sr. Associate, Energy and Environment
hsickler@svlg.org │ 408.501.7883

Environment Committee 

The Environment Committee works with the Leadership Group to ensure long-term environmental and business sustainability by advocating for balanced, efficient, and effective policies and programs.

Committee Co-Chairs
  • Dr. Rosalind Grymes, Lead, Planetary Sustainability, NASA-Ames Research Center
  • Committee Co-Chair Opening: Please contact us with your interest in the position.
Our 2017 – 2019 Priority Issues
  • Support climate change mitigation efforts
  • Advance policies that allow clean and efficient energy to scale.
  • Executive Champion: Ian Monroe, CEO, Oroeco
  • Staff Lead: Mike Mielke, SVP, Environment and Energy
  • Support Corporate environmental sustainability
  • Within the broader context of corporate social responsibility efforts, advance corporate environmental sustainability drivers and showcase solutions that protect the environment while growing new markets and/or reducing costs.
  • Executive Champion: Jon Chorley, CSO, Oracle
  • Staff Lead: Mike Mielke, SVP, Environment and Energy
  • Ensure Silicon Valley has the water it needs to thrive
  • Support CA WaterFix and promote technological innovation and financing.
  • Executive Champion: Tom Fallon, CEO, Infinera
  • Staff Lead: Mike Mielke, SVP, Environment and Energy
  • Support wetlands restoration and flood mitigation efforts in the San Francisco Bay
  • Educate the public on the importance of wetlands and help guide SF Bay restoration and regional flood protection.
  • Executive Champion: Kyra Whitten, VP Corporate Communications, Lam Research
  • Staff Lead: Mike Mielke, SVP, Environment and Energy

Are you a member of our Environment Committee? To access our Environment Committee Only webpage, click here.

Participating Member Companies
  • Booster Fuels
  • CalWater Service
  • EBay
  • Ernst & Young
  • Flex
  • Genentech
  • GreenBiz
  • Lockheed Martin
  • NASA-Ames
  • Pacific Gas & Eectric
  • PayPal
  • Proterra
  • Infinera
  • San Jose Water Company
  • San Jose State University
  • Silicon Valley Bank
  • SunPower
  • VMWare

2017 Legislation

  • AB 184 (Berman): AB 184 would extend the sunset for the Planning for Sea Level Rise Database (PSLRD) to January 1, 2023, to prepare for sea level rise. 
  • AB 262 (Bonta): AB 262 would require the Dept. of General Services to update the State Contracting Manual with Maximum Acceptable Global Warming Potential (MAGWPs) standards for certain building materials, and contractors that win state bids to source materials consistent with those standards.
  • AB 388 (Mullin): AB 388 would require proceeds from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) to be available for expenditure on the reuse of dredged material for wetland restoration, flood protection, and carbon sequestration.
  • AB 851 (Caballero): AB 851 would authorize the Santa Clara Valley Water District to use the design-build procurement method for certain building projects.
  • AB 1073 (E. Garcia): AB 1073 would extend, until 2020, a requirement that 20% of the funding for the Clean Truck Program be allocated to the early commercial deployment of zero- and near-zero emission vehicles.


Support in Concept
  • AB 1184 (Ting): AB 1184 would require the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to identify $3 billion for a new up-front, point-of-sale electric vehicle rebate to deploy 1.5 million electric vehicles by 2025.   

Support in Concept motion asks for:

  • Clarification that AB 1184 include funding and/or does not crowd out funding for:
    • Zero- and low-carbon transportation incentive programs
    • Non-light duty low- and zero-emission incentive program
    • Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle
  • Removal of the 2023 sunset date for the Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) rebate and tying the phase-down of incentives to market penetration
  • Directing CARB to identify what is fair for evaluating incentives for PHEVs and pure zero emission vehicles.

Past Wins

  • AB 398- Cap-and-Trade

Longstanding supporters of California’s cap-and-trade program, the Leadership Group worked closely with state legislators, the Brown Administration, and other key stakeholders to help secure a 2/3, bipartisan vote to extend the program through 2030. Cap-and-trade helps provide market certainty for the clean energy economy to flourish. Additionally, the program serves as a model to other states, the federal government, and other countries, and maintains California’s commitment to greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

  • Measure AA

The Leadership Group joined forces with other Bay Area organizations, Senator Feinstein, and environmental and community leaders to help pass Measure AA. The measure provides critical resources to restore wetlands, improve water quality for wildlife habitat, and protect communities from flooding across the San Francisco Bay Area. Through the Leadership Group’s sponsorship and active support, Measure AA received over 70% vote through all Bay Area counties, and will help preserve and restore the San Francisco Bay for future generations of Bay Area residents. 

  • SB 32 and AB 197

The Leadership Group, the first business association to support AB 32 in 2006, maintained its climate and clean energy leadership by supporting SB 32 and AB 197 in 2016. SB 32 builds on existing policies to set a greenhouse gas reduction goal of 40% below 1990 levels by 2030. AB 197 ensures that that there is equity in the state’s climate programs to guarantee all Californians benefit from cleaner, healthier air. These legislative bills work in tandem to provide California businesses with regulatory certainty, improve public health, and strengthen the clean energy economy.

  • 2014 State Water Bond

The 2014 Water Bond provides $7.5 billion to address California’s aging water infrastructure. Water reliability is important for businesses and the Silicon Valley region. The Leadership Group was proud to support Proposition 1, a bond that funds urgent improvements in watershed protection and restoration, surface and groundwater storage, and drinking water protection, to safeguard water resources for the state.

  • Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA)

The Leadership Group supported for this legislation, which responded to one of the worst droughts on record with foresight and a commitment to innovation. The SGMA requires California’s critical groundwater resources be sustainably managed by local agencies, including cities, counties, and water districts, with a goal to have sustainable groundwater management by 2042.



Silicon Valley Energy and Sustainability Summit – Since 2013, the Leadership Group has held an   annual Energy and Sustainability Summit. This Summit brings together over 300 business, nonprofit, and public sector leaders to discuss best practices, lessons learned and practical solutions in applying innovative technologies (such as Information Communication Technologies) and practices (such as Big Data Analytics) to achieve energy and sustainability goals for the future.


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