Water Conservation & Infrastructure

California’s future hinges on water. From business operations to daily home life, we depend on a stable water supply to remain the world’s 8th largest economy. Yet the water supply system that supports most of California’s residents, businesses and underpins its ecological health is facing unprecedented challenges and is in dire need of restoration, repair and upgrade. It cannot reliably meet the needs of our economy and our environment today, much less in the future.

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group is promoting a number of near-term water management and policy actions that can help address the co-equal goals of a reliable water supply and ecosystem preservation, and help the state realize its 20 percent per capita urban water conservation by 2020 including: participation in the state Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Water Conservation and Recycling Taskforce; membership in the Silicon Valley Water Awards, which promotes best practices in water conservation and recognizes Valley leaders; and chairing of the Silicon Valley Water Planning Group, which is helping coordinate regional efforts to conserve water and engage stakeholders in a regional planning effort.

We will also continue to raise awareness and educate stakeholders regarding the importance of under-investment in hard and “soft” water infrastructure, and actively participate in helping advance discussions and potential solutions regarding potential financing mechanisms, including the water bond.