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About us:

The Leadership Group’s Government Relations Committee and Team seek to amplify and advance our organization’s public policy positions at the local, state, and federal levels. By proactively creating opportunities to engage our public-private stakeholders, where we build diverse coalitions with a unified message, we achieve meaningful results that directly affect our quality of life and cost of doing business.  

Our goal:

To engage in concerted strategic advocacy efforts, build relationships, and positively impact public policy decisions that benefit the Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s legislative and regulatory agenda.

Our mission:

David Packard of Hewlett Packard was known to say, “Our job is not to sit on the sidelines and cheer nor jeer, our job is to get into the game and move the ball forward.” Silicon Valley has long been known for its collaborative, “can-do” civic spirit. This spirit depends on our ability to deliver an effective message and succeed collectively with our community and public leaders in city hall, Sacramento, and Washington, D.C.

Spring 2017 Sacramento Advocacy Trip:

May 10, 2017, 7:30 AM – 7:30 PM

Join us for the Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s annual trip to California’s state capital, focusing on Silicon Valley policy priorities. To register please access our Eventbrite here.

Silicon Valley executive delegation visits will occur with key state Senate and Assembly leaders, the Governor’s office, constitutional officers and key agency department leaders. In addition to high-level visits, the trip will feature networking opportunities with Silicon Valley industry leaders.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact Michael Lomio at

Spring 2017  Washington D.C. Advocacy Trip:

Each spring and fall, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group travels to Washington, D.C. with a delegation of member executives and public officials to deliver a federal policy agenda, focusing on U.S. jobs and competitiveness. These visits strategically occur with U.S. Senate and House Leaders and key Administration officials to discuss the ways that we can help drive forward policies in the areas of:

  • Investments in Traffic Relief – BART Phase II and Caltrain Funding
  • Health Care Law Reform
  • Immigration Reform & H-1B Visas
  • Scientific Research Funding
  • Expanding the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program
  • Modernizing the U.S. Business Tax Code
  • Cybersecurity / Data Privacy
  • Federal Funding for K-12 Computer Science Education

Here is a look at our recent trip:




Fiscal Governance:

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group has a long-standing tradition of supporting bi-partisan governance and fiscal reforms for California, which annually rank among the highest state policy priorities for businesses.

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group has endorsed the successful Proposition 14 in the “top two open primary” initiative and opposing Proposition 27 to protect the 2008 redistricting reform measure approved by California voters – the Leadership Group was successful in both efforts. In addition, the Leadership Group has strongly supported the Redistricting Reform ballot measure which resulted in redrawing the political boundaries for all Congressional, state legislative and other statewide offices. In 2013, the Leadership supported the statewide Term Limits ballot initiative to bring more experience and stability to California’s political system.

The Leadership Group also supports governance and fiscal reform principles. California’s business climate will benefit from a more disciplined and performance-focused state fiscal system, which should be built on the foundation of accountability and results.         More details

  • Budgeting for performance: Require clear goals and measure the performance of every program.
  • Multi-year budgets: Adopt more flexibility and long-term planning in the state budgeting process, which was enacted into law by Governor Brown in 2011.
  • Limit one-time revenue use.
  • Manage volatile revenue spikes and increase reserves through a rainy day fund.
  • Legislative transparency & oversight: Make all bills available to the public three days before a vote.

Annual Sacramento Advocacy Trip:

With crisis comes opportunity, and the high-tech, bio-tech, clean-tech and innovation economy employers who own the Leadership Group firmly believe California’s best days are ahead of us – if we work together to ensure that success. Board Chair Steve Berglund of Trimble Navigation co-lead 50 CEOs/Senior officers and Silicon Valley public officials who traveled to Sacramento for the Annual visit with Governor Jerry Brown’s senior team, the Latino, Women’s and Black Caucuses, and Senate and Assembly legislative leaders.

Silicon Valley Legislative Caucus:

The Silicon Valley Caucus was formed including 14 legislators (current members include: Senators Jim Beall, Ellen Corbett, Jerry Hill and Bill Monning; Assemblymembers Luis Alejo, Nora Campos, Paul Fong, Rich Gordon, Kevin Mullin, Bill Quirk, Mark Stone, Phil Ting and Bob Wieckowski) for those representing Silicon Valley to know Silicon Valley and the priority issues that impact the quality of life and cost of doing business in our region and state with a collective voice.

The successful inaugural session hosted by SunPower CEO Tom Werner in Sacramento in featured 12 Silicon Valley legislators and nearly 80 Leadership Group members many of whom were CEOs. During the discussion, the dialogue focused on the challenges facing Silicon Valley on a global scale and to hear from legislators about the challenges facing our state.  With that foundation, we then invested the following quarterly meetings discussing specific ways we can work together to ensure our State’s success – through private sector job creation, a great quality of life for our workers, and a business climate to meet the challenges of other states and nations. Subsequent sessions have been hosted by Applied Materials Chairman and CEO Mike Splinter, Brocade Communications CEO Mike Klayko and Synopsys Chairman and CEO Aart de Geus.

Fresh Ideas from Newly Elected Legislators:

“Fresh Ideas” is a roundtable series in Sacramento with Silicon Valley Leadership Group members and those recently elected into office from the Administration, California State Assembly and State Senate to share the challenges facing Silicon Valley and on a global scale. And, participants learn from newly elected Administration, Senate and Assembly members the challenges facing the state and their legislative districts. With this foundation, specific solutions are identified on areas of partnership to work together to ensure California’s success – through private sector job creation, a great quality of life for our workers, and a competitive business climate.

Please contact the Leadership Group offices for more details about upcoming visits to Sacramento or regional roundtable sessions in Silicon Valley.

Candidate Forums:

Frequently, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group will interview candidates who are seeking local, state and federal office. While the purpose is not to endorse, the Leadership Group reviews candidates to determine if they are closely aligned with our principles and policy positions.

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