Government Relations

David Packard of Hewlett Packard was known to say, “Our job is not to sit on the sidelines and cheer nor jeer, our job is to get into the game and move the ball forward.” Silicon Valley has long been known for its collaborative, “can-do” civic spirit. This spirit depends on our ability to deliver an effective message and succeed collectively with our community and public leaders in city hall, Sacramento, and Washington, D.C.

In an increasingly competitive and complex global economy, budgets are increasingly constrained and costs are continually rising. Now more than ever, it is vital that we have a strong voice in our public dialogue. We must effectively communicate the impact of the contributions made by Silicon Valley employers.

Our aim is to engage in concerted strategic advocacy efforts to build relationships to positively impact public policy decisions to the benefit of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s legislative and regulatory agenda. By actively engaging public-private stakeholder interactions, we achieve dramatic outcomes by building relationships, sharing top priority issues with a unified message. We empower subject area experts within the organization’s membership to impact outcomes on public policy that directly affect our quality of life and cost of doing business.

Silicon Valley has proven incredibly effective at working with government officials to improve schools, create better roads and transit, increase the number of affordable homes, ensure higher environmental stewardship, allow more energy independence, and promote tax fairness and business opportunity. The Government Relations Committee produces advocacy trips, roundtable discussions, community forums, candidate forums, legislative alerts, and government reform recommendations among the many activities that create a vibrant and thriving community for Silicon Valley residents to enjoy.