Health Policy

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The Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) supports policies and programs that improve health outcomes and reduce overall healthcare costs for employers and employees in Silicon Valley. Our key policy priorities are:

I. Health Care Law Implementation:

Promote increased access, quality, and cost controls while minimizing burdens on employers in health care reform implementation.

    • California Health Benefits Exchange (HBEX): Give input on all aspects of exchange. Focus on benefits structure, employer requirements and outreach plan to employers.
    • Legislation and regulations: Advocate for employers on state legislation implementing the Affordable Care Act (ACA); promote Leadership Group health care principles in legislation.
    • Innovation in delivery systems: Promote new technologies and innovations in health care to reduce cost and improve quality.

II. Prevention and Wellness:

Continue to help employers start or improve wellness programs and offerings as a long term cost containment strategy.

    • Advocate for policies that promote exercise and healthy eating, specifically providing nutritional information for sugar-sweetened beverages.
    • Educate employers on how to take advantage of the prevention benefits offered in the ACA.
    • Educate employers on how to measure return on investment for prevention benefits and programs.

III.   Fluoridation:

    • Advocate for fluoridation of water in Santa Clara County.


Health Care Updates

07/19/13 – What changes will health care reform bring about for me? Watch the video below to find out more information!