Workplace Wellness Summit 2015

On June 12, 2015, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group hosted the 4th Annual Workplace Wellness Summit at Brocade in San Jose. A sold-out crowd of Human Resources, Wellness and Public Health professionals gathered for a morning of engaging conversation with industry experts from organizations like Intel, Adobe, Sandia National Laboratories, and San Mateo County on reinventing wellness in the workplace. Below are the presenters’ PowerPoint presentations and links to additional resources from our community partners and vendors.

Session Powerpoint Presentations

Introduction and Keynote: Engineering Wellness for Sustainable High Performance

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Tami Graham, Director of Global Benefits Strategy, Intel Corporation (Powerpoint)

Session 1 – Best Practices for Supporting the Emotional Health and Well-Being of Your Employees

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Kimberly JinnettExecutive Vice President, Integrated Benefits Institute (Powerpoint)

Tamara CagneyCounseling Psychology, Employee Assistance Program, Sandia National Laboratories (Powerpoint)

Session 2 – Getting Your Employees Moving: How to Create a More Active Workplace Environment

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Pamela Gibson, Employee Wellness Program & Work-Life Services, San Mateo County (Powerpoint)

Kris Herrera, Global Employee Services Manager, Adobe

Frederick J. Ferrer, CEO, The Health Trust

Additional Resources

Silicon Valley Leadership Group / Health Happens in the Workplace Best Practices Programs:

From Integrated Benefits Institute

Partners and Vendors

CONCERN EAP and El Camino Hospital are partnering together to create a national employee assistance program focused on helping restore and maintain workplace health and productivity.

The Health Trust promotes healthy eating through initiatives such as Fresh Carts Silicon Valley to increase access to nutritious food options.

Keas is the market-leading engagement platform that drives health behavior change.

1000 Hearts for 1000 Minds endeavors to narrow the achievement gap in Silicon Valley by building partnerships between leading education nonprofits and the most innovative companies in the region.

Voom is the only wellness program that prevents BOTH the injuries and illnesses associated with inactive jobs by giving you physician designed stretch and strengthening breaks.

Wellness Works is a workplace mental health training program that helps employers respond more appropriately when employees have mental health issues, reduce stigma and social prejudice towards people who have mental health challenges and mental illnesses, and promote mental wellness in the workplace.


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