Whats the Issue?

When asked in the Annual CEO Business Climate Survey, 222 Silicon Valley executives shared that they have concerns about transportation.

Ease local street and road congestion

changes govt. can make to improve business climate

The majority of Silicon Valley commuters drive alone and spend an average of 39 hours per year stuck in traffic. That’s a loss of $800 dollars on excess fuel consumption per commuter – more than $971 million in total every year. Long solo commutes and congestion on our roadways contribute to dramatic and rapid changes in the climate of our planet and decrease productivity and quality of life for our employees.

Our Mission

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group and its Transportation Policy Committee (TPC) advocate for Silicon Valley’s long-term economic health and quality of life by increasing the ease in which Silicon Valley employees, residents, and cargo move through and within the Valley. The goal of the Transportation Policy Committee is to improve transportation in a manner that minimizes our impact on the environment.

Many of our member companies are coming up with their own solutions to transportation challenges, from shuttles to parking to automated transit and more. Check out this visualization of shuttles taking San Francisco residents to Silicon Valley companies by Stamen Design, part of the Zero1 art and technology festival.

Our Team

Bena Chang
Vice President, Transportation
Zoe Mullendore
Transportation & Housing Associate