Active Transportation

Coming up – Health Happens Here in the Workplace, April 30th at Microsoft in Mountain View

This second annual workplace wellness conference will shine the spotlight on how companies can incorporate active transportation into commute,  facilities and wellness programs to improve employee health, retention and productivity! Register Today

Biking and walking are good for our health, the environment, and our pocket-books.

  • Health: Active transportation builds exercise into our daily routines, reducing obesity and related diseases. Getting around on our own power also reduces air pollution. In addition, more active and physical mobility for adults and children enhances better mental and emotional well being. Traffic injuries and fatalities are also dramatically lower in countries with high levels of bike and pedestrian activities. Want to learn more? Check out this recent presentation to our Transportation Committee by ChangeLab Solutions and this brief from Active Living Research.
  • Green: Active transportation is low impact on the environment – promoting walking and biking is critical to achieving GHG emission reductions and addressing climate change.

For all these reasons and more, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group advocates for and promotes biking and walking. We encourage increased member company participation in Bike to Work Month, as well as active commutes year round. We also advocate for bike and pedestrian programs and projects at the local, state and national level.

For more information on biking to work, check out Bike to Work 2013!