Top Ten Priorities for 2017


Diversifying the STEM Pipeline: Advocate for policies that diversify the STEM workforce. Amplify and promote diversity and inclusion best practices.


Clean Energy Supply: Promote financing and deployment of clean energy and emerging technologies, to the benefit of Silicon Valley Leadership Group members.


Support State Climate Change efforts: Advance the policy environment that allows clean and efficient energy to continue to scale and help secure an extension of cap-and-trade.

Government Relations

Silicon Valley Outreach and Engagement: Organize at least a dozen strategic policy roundtables with legislators at the federal, state and local levels with the goals of deepening legislative relationships and moving policy.

Health Policy

Health Care Law Reform: Promote increased access, quality and cost controls while minimizing burdens on employers.


Local Policy: Promote affordable and workforce housing development at the city and county level through fees and measures, and advocate for projects and programs serving the homeless.

Tax Policy

Comprehensive Business Tax Reform and Defending Against Onerous Tax Legislation and Ballot Measures: Oppose tax measures which disproportionately increase California business tax burden and jeopardize competitiveness.

Tech and Innovation

Cybersecurity: Increase government support and resources for cybersecurity.


Regional Transportation Initiative: Partner with large bay area cities, transportation agencies, employers and nonprofits to identify funding and policy solutions for our regional system.

Community: Foundation (c-3)

Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot: Secure 28,000 paid participants, supported by 2,500 volunteers, raising $1,000,000 for local non-profits serving needy families.

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